Welcome to HBU.com where it is all about U! If you are human then you have most likely had times in your life that have made you feel sad, angry, depressed, or any other emotion that we usually feel. Too many times in life people are hard on themselves and they can’t seem to feel good about life in general. We want to change that for you. We want you to know that you are beautiful and should embrace life as a gift. It is hard to think that your life is great when so many around seem to have it so much easier. When things keep going against you and you want to give up. We will share stories about people just like you have overcome huge obstacles to become happy with themselves and life. When you look around and see suffering and hate everywhere, it is hard to see the good things in life. It is normal to want to be skeptical and say that it will always be that way. Our first message to anyone who wants to feel better about their life is to find one thing you are grateful for. Imagine that one thing as your base to build the rest of your life around. If you have a cat and that cat is the only thing that makes you happy, then you already have more then some people will ever have. You have a living being that loves you and needs you. When you realize that you are valuable and beautiful, you will start to make the changes that are needed to be happy. It is very hard to get out of a routine of self doubt, but you can do this. Be sure to read about the people who have inspired us to become better people and embrace life. Live each day as though it is your last, because it may be. Carpe Diem.


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