Self Motivation

One of the hardest things in life is to be motivated to change when everything is going against you. Well there is hope and you can do this. If you are unhappy with your job and your life in general there is hope.  Self motivation is hard because you are hard on yourself when things are not going your way. Eight years ago I was in a dead end job with no hope of escaping. I had to work all kinds of hours just to break even at the end of the week. It was very depressing and I thought that I was going keep going like this forever. Then I met Christian. He was a regular at the bar I worked and he was very successful. He would come in three nights a week to have dinner and drinks. He became a good friend and I never asked about what he did for a living. He would tip $100 every time and obviously I was very attentive to his needs. One day he was sitting at the bar and he asked if I wanted to come to his house for a BBQ. That Saturday I went to his house and was blown away by the size and the furnishing. He had a screened in pool area with an incredible set up. As the day went on I finally found the courage to ask how he became so successful. Christian was a little younger than me and I was hoping to get some words of wisdom.

Nice car

Christian walked me through the house and out into his garage where I could see photo equipment and clothing everywhere. He made me promise not to do what he was doing and I did. Finally he let me in on his secret. He was a power seller on eBay. I couldn’t believe it and asked him how he could make so much selling clothing. He told me that he made $40,000 a month just selling clothing. He had been an IT guy for some big company and wanted to spend more time with his family. He started his business on the side and worked nights and weekends until he could quit. Then and there I decided I was going to do something for myself. Three days later my landlord stopped by my house and asked if I knew anything about comic books. I said I did even though I had no idea. He said he had found some in the trash. He just wanted the container and I could have the comic books. I said sure and opened the container to find about 300 comic books. They were all from the sixties and seventies and in decent shape. I started researching and found they were worth about ten dollars each. I thought that I would set up an eBay account and sell them in a week and use that money to start my own business. I was in for a rude awakening from the start. Finding the time to take pics of all those comics and then write a description was tougher then I thought. I had to motivate myself every day to get up early and really commit to doing something. I would come home at 2 am and work until 4 am every night. I would get up at 9 am and work all day. I would go to work and do it all over again. When I made my first sale I realized that I had to mail the item and pay the fees which cut into my profit. Listing fees, final value fees, shipping, time, all cost money and I was feeling down about the whole process. I needed to kick myself in the ass and self motivate which was always hard for me. I stayed committed by telling myself that the successful people I see every day at my bar are not smarter then I am. They may have had an advantage getting started, but they kept going through the tough times. Getting out of bed and doing something for yourself is a choice that people make all the time. Working a job for someone else was never my idea of success. I really wanted this and I pushed hard to achieve that success. I will reveal the steps to achieve that freedom and anyone can do this. Anyone who is self motivated can change their life.



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